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Additional storey in wooden element construction: Breitenloh Münchwilen

Adding storeys with timber element construction - sustainable, functional and beautiful

Syngenta is planning the conversion and extension of the existing laboratory and office building on the Syngenta campus in Münchwilen. The main focus of the conversion measures is the addition of a storey for new office space and its connection to the existing building with a new staircase.

We are implementing the addition of a new building envelope.
The assembly works started in the middle of June 2023 and by the end of July the woodwork of the facades was completed.

Walls and roof were manufactured and assembled by us in element construction. Modules and system building elements made of wood are ideal for additions. Because they are lightweight, they place hardly any load on the existing foundation. They can be prefabricated to a very high degree of accuracy and are assembled in a very short time.

Furthermore, we realize the steel beams, windows, facade and roof works.