Haering Bahnhof SBB Basel 01 Haering Bahnhof SBB Basel 01

Platform roofs at Basel SBB railway station

In Basel, we are responsible for the new construction of platform 19/20 and the extension of platform 16/18 on behalf of Frutiger AG for SBB.

SBB is expanding the platform system at Basel SBB station on behalf of the federal government from 2023 to 2025. This will involve the construction of an additional platform on the south side and a temporary passerelle.

The execution of the cladding with a total of 5000 m² of Kerto Q panels means the impressive use of 64 tonnes of material - almost the size of a football pitch! We are also installing the cladding for the lift tower of platforms 19/20 with 4mm aluminium panels from the renowned company Rytz.

We are building the exterior walls and roofs for the new entrances. These are clad with modern façade panels and fitted with suspended ceilings. We are also realising the substructures and installing the soffits for platforms 19/20 and 16/18. A further 2350 m2 of material will be used for the soffits.

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