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Pocket Häuser Niederlenz
31 Jan
For sale

Pocket houses in Niederlenz

A cosy, ecologically sustainable community of six detached, timber family homes. Instead of being lined up in a row, the buildings are arranged in a natural pattern. This group of privately owned houses with gardens has a shared open space at its heart and communal parking areas. The buildings are carefully arranged to create differently accented spaces in between. Neighbours can interact and socialise in the shared open space at the heart of the community. Two houses have already been sold.
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Kundenevent bei Emil Frei AG Safenwil
19 Oct
Customer event

Customer event at Emil Frey AG

We enjoyed an exciting afternoon in the company of some of our customers at Emil Frey AG in Safenwil, to the south-east of Basel, on 18 October. Besides a “Cultural artefacts on 4 wheels”-themed tour of the museum, we took part in a high-octane driver training course. We were taught various techniques for taking bends, avoidance tactics and driving and braking on snowy and wet road surfaces. We then enjoyed a hearty and relaxing lunch/supper stretching into the evening.
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