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Häring’s real estate services. The entire range of real estate services that Häring provides is presented here – from plots of land to turnkey detached homes. 

Pocket Häuser Niederlenz

Pocket houses in Niederlenz

A cosy, ecologically sustainable community of six detached timber homes

Niederlenz is set on the banks of the Aabach river, between the district of Wildegg and the town of Lenzburg in northern Switzerland. The location has excellent public and private transportation links. There are grocers, a post office and a bank within walking (or cycling) distance as well as a kindergarten and school.

A close community of six detached houses is taking shape. Instead of being lined up in a row, the buildings are arranged in a natural pattern. This group of privately owned houses with gardens has a shared open space at its heart and communal parking areas. The buildings are carefully arranged to create differently accented spaces in between. Neighbours can interact and socialise in the shared open space at the heart of the community.

True to the principle “less is more”, the design focus is on compact “pocket” houses – combining ascetic, clear, minimalist forms with maximum functionality. The attractive architecture is achieved using sustainable modular timber construction methods with minimal energy requirements (Swiss MINERGIE building standards). The emphasis is on using ecological, non-toxic and renewable materials, with end-to-end digitised planning, construction and manufacturing processes. A high level of prefabrication (performed at the Häring AG plant in Eiken) and precise processing ensure high durability combined with reduced maintenance outlay. Our head of real estate development, Ilia Schoilew, would be delighted to explain this project to you in greater detail.


Pocket houses in Niederlenz flyer

Green City House Basel

Green City House, Basel

Project announcement for the Green City House, Basel: Creatively designed new condominium apartments are under construction at this central yet tranquil location at Sperrstrasse 7 in Basel. The ecologically sustainable construction method combines our special wooden system with exposed concrete and reduces CO2 emissions by 35 per cent compared to conventional methods. The materials and surfaces have been carefully chosen to accentuate the interplay between modernity and ecology.

Cities are attractive places and keep on drawing in more and more people, but the population figures for agglomerations are also on the way up. Compaction is becoming increasingly important to rein in urban sprawl. This strategy puts existing living space to good use without swallowing up open spaces.

The Häring Group’s new “Green City House” project provides a cutting-edge solution that’s akin to replacing a missing tooth. Unused residential buildings and those in need of renovation are demolished, while gaps are filled with new buildings that offer more space and an incomparable quality of life. Not only that, but the new buildings are also sustainable thanks to their wooden construction system combined with exposed concrete, which saves more than 35 per cent CO2 compared to conventional builds. In this way, the “Green City House” project contributes to sustainable urban compaction. Our head of real estate development, Ilia Schoilew, would be delighted to explain this project to you in greater detail.


Haering Bauland Reigoldswil


For sale: 4,467 m2 of land for residential development in Reigoldswil, northern Switzerland.



Adimmo AG, Anja Kalok, Engelgasse 12, 4002 Basel, Switzerland

Tel. +41 (0)61 378 77 59


Parkplätze Muttenz


Parking spaces to hire in the parking garage at Tramstrasse 99 in Muttenz, near Basel.



Adimmo AG, Daniel Engelberger, Engelstrasse 12, 4002 Basel, Switzerland

Tel. +41 (0)61 378 77 97