Hybrid / wood-concrete composite

The combined construction method in reinforced concrete and timber system construction - we combine the best of two materials and build for you innovatively and optimally in multi-storey new buildings or in the renovation of existing buildings. Benefit from our modern and efficient construction process.

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Innovative hybrid construction method for sustainable buildings

Our hybrid construction method combines the strengths of reinforced concrete with the benefits of our modular timber system. We use reinforced concrete or a steel skeleton as the optimum supporting structure for this task. This forms the basis for the spans and support grids, bracing for the building, efficient fire prevention and good sound insulation solutions. The modular timber system complements this by providing the perfect outer shell. The benefits of prefabricated modules and their physical structural qualities provide the best possible credentials in terms of sustainability and effective overall construction of the building. Combining and complementing these two kinds of construction unleashes huge synergies and benefits for planners, clients and investors alike. Utterly dependable planning, all-weather production and fast assembly also ensure cost certainty and punctuality.


Häring hb rapid

HB Rapid intermediate floors

HB Rapid is the ideal solution for constructing intermediate floors. The light and renewable construction material wood calls for complex solutions to meet increasing expectations with regard to soundproofing and damping vibrations between floors. The mass of wood-concrete composite ceilings can be harnessed to reach the required standards. hb_rapid is a special component of our wood-concrete composite system. We use a smart connection technique to prefabricate the concrete slabs – leading to genuine dry construction. These easy-to-assemble slabs and the simple, high-performance connections massively streamline the construction process, which can be carried out by virtually any timber construction company without difficulties or stumbling blocks.

Häring hb rapid

Wood-concrete composite

The patented hb_rapid assembly system delivers real benefits thanks to extensive prefabrication. It features higher bonding capacities than conventional screw connections, making you far more efficient. What’s more, its European approval signifies excellent system safety. Cast-in anchors ensure fast and error-free assembly. The full load-bearing capacity is achieved as soon as hb_rapid has been screwed to the substructure. Everyone involved benefits from the even surfaces with no tripping hazards, enabling work to proceed immediately.