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Real estate development

The Real Estate Development business unit plans and develops in cooperation with architects, landowners and investors. The goal is to holistically design, build and sell multi-storey properties in modern timber construction on undeveloped or underused plots of land.

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The project comes first

Wanted! Land owners, architects and investors. Our new business venture is keen to collaborate with architects, land owners and investors. Our aim is to develop, construct and sell state-of-the-art, multi-storey timber buildings on vacant or under-utilised plots. The idea? To offer a secure financial investment for investors and assist with high-density development. The starting point of every project is vacant or under-utilised plots. Häring assesses the feasibility of the location, size, potential, legal parameters and other relevant aspects. If this study reveals market potential, Häring will secure the plot of land, perform the preliminary design study and start working on the marketing at the same time. After this, the final project is drawn up and the different stages of planning and building permission are secured before implementation ultimately commences.

How you benefit

What can you gain from Häring contributing to your real estate development? Find out more about the advantages of working with us.



You benefit from our seamless attention to your entire project, with all the services – from architecture through production to assembly – stemming from a single source.

Generating returns

Generating returns

Increase the value of your building plot or property in the shortest possible construction time, thus laying the foundations for higher returns. Our experts create state-of-the-art, first-class living space that you will savour, or tenants will clamour to rent.



Particularly in urban areas, land and residential space are in short supply. We use innovative approaches to stemming urban sprawl and focus on high-density building solutions.

Quick results

Quick results

Short conversion times and low emissions can prove highly beneficial when extending an occupied property. Residents should be able to continue living there without any major restrictions while work is progressing. Precise and streamlined prefabrication at our factory creates the necessary basis for this, which significantly shortens conventional construction processes, thus saving you a great deal of time and money.

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Idea, land and capital

Everything from a single source – this is the key principle behind real estate development by Häring. In the field of project development, Häring is keen to collaborate with architects, land owners and investors with a view to pooling the three factors idea, location and capital. The aim is to develop, market and construct architecturally appealing apartment buildings on vacant or under-utilised plots using our modular timber construction system.


In particular, we are on the lookout for: 

    • Owners of under-utilised plots of land,
    • Investors interested in timber construction,
    • Architects with ideas and/or locations.


Appointing Häring as your general or complete contractor offers you the following advantages:

    • Experienced, financially robust company;
    • Sustainable, compact construction methods;
    • Ent-to-end digitalisation (BIM);
    • Single point of contact, from purchasing the land through to handover;
    • In-house production and assembly



Green City House Basel

Green City House

Cities are attractive places and keep on drawing in more and more people, but the population figures for agglomerations are also on the way up. Compaction is becoming increasingly important to rein in urban sprawl. This strategy puts existing living space to good use without swallowing up open spaces.

The Häring Group’s new “Green City House” project provides a cutting-edge solution that’s akin to replacing a missing tooth. Unused residential buildings and those in need of renovation are demolished, while gaps are filled with new buildings that offer more space and an incomparable quality of life. Not only that, but the new buildings are also sustainable thanks to their wooden construction system combined with exposed concrete, which cuts CO2 emissions by more than 35 per cent compared to conventional builds. In this way, the “Green City House” project contributes to sustainable urban compaction.