Room modules for rapidly growing businesses or hotels help adapt to your specific needs as and when necessary. We use customised room solutions to create space quickly and cost-efficiently – and our modular concept grows with you.


For over 50 years, Häring has been offering modular concepts that are ready fast but are built to last. The first modular buildings are still in everyday use – so they are by no means temporary and are also suitable for long-term applications in all kinds of fields.


As you can see, the modular approach is a genuine alternative to solid construction given that the room modules offer architects and building owners alike great scope in terms of colour and interior design. Thanks in particular to its low weight, modular construction opens up a wide range of possibilities – including in areas where conventional building reaches its limits. We offer an extensive portfolio of solutions that create space for working, living, learning and hotel accommodation. A premium finish and turnkey handover ensure immediate use is possible. Modular construction enables structures to be expanded rapidly and dismantled equally quickly if, for example, additional space is only required on a temporary basis.