Wooden and concrete bond

The patented assembly system hb_rapid yields profit by far-reaching prefabrication. They register a clear plus in efficiency by rise of the group capacities compared with conventional screw connections. Besides, the European licensing offers a high system security. With the poured in anchor bodies a quick and perfect assembly is possible. Immediately after the screw connection hb_rapid with the substructure the structure is fully loadable. All partners profit from level surfaces without trip traps, on those can be gone on working immediately.

You find further information on the subject in the pamphlet hb_rapid.pdf.

With this step diagramme you can estimate the height of the tier of beams of a floor cover in the house building as a function of their span, rib distance and rib width.
This evaluation does not substitute for a correct, specific static calculation and for calculation, but should serve merely as a planning basis. To your raised security and also with divergent load pictures, you can allow to verify the dimension of the tier of beams for free by Häring.