Brauerstrasse, Winterthur

We added a temporary, single-storey extension made from lightweight metal to the surgical wing of this general hospital. The layout includes three operating theatres with inlets and outlets, a sterile equipment store and auxiliary rooms.

The load of the modules is distributed across the supporting structures via a 60-cm-high steel grid.

To comply with fire safety regulations, a large proportion of the elements was manufactured using the COCOON metal system, with the remainder supplied from our modular timber system. The eye-catching façade is made from perforated sheet metal. Häring AG was responsible for the construction elements, the plastering, the roofing and metal work, and the façades. This temporary extension is due to be dismantled after nine or ten years.

  • Prefabricated timber construction
  • Façade cladding
  • Façade
Client Zurich Canton Building Department
Stampfenbachstrasse 110
8090 Zurich
Architect Stutz Bolt Partner Architekten AG
Katharina-Sulzer Platz 10
8400 Winterthur
Area: 937 m2
Completion date: 31.03.2015
Duration: 7 months