Extra ATTICO® storey on Friedheimstrasse in Zurich

Häring Attico treated this apartment building on Friedheimstrasse to a complete makeover. The pitched roof was removed to create two new one-bedroom loft apartments, each providing 47 m² of living space. Loft apartments are extremely popular due to their attractive combination of fabulous views and spacious open-air terraces. The owner opted to renovate the somewhat jaded façade and existing risers in the house at the same time. Häring AG performed all the work as the complete contractor.

  • Complete contractor
  • Façade renovation
Client Private
Architect Attico Zürich
Turbinenstrasse 41
8005 Zurich
Area: ca. 94 m²
Completion date: 30.09.2017
Duration: 7 months