Extra ATTICO® storey on Kronenbergstrasse in Thalwil

Positioned to enjoy the views over nearby Lake Zurich, we added this ATTICO® extra storey in Kronenbergstrasse in Thalwil. The additional storey was installed on the flat roof of the existing building. This created four more one-bedroom flats, each with around 60m2 of living space, without the need for a building plot. All four flats received two generously sized patios, one each with a fabulous view of the lake. By using a wooden modular construction, it was possible to prefabricate much of the material in the factory, which kept the time required for the build on site to a relatively low level. This was a key criterion, as the work was to be conducted while the existing flats were fully occupied with tenants. The wall and ceiling elements required were prefabricated in our plant in Eiken, and then set up and put together at the building site. While we were adding the additional storey, we also renovated the outside of the entire property. The building was given a new façade with additional insulation, new awnings, a new set of letterboxes and six more parking spaces.

  • Complete contractor
  • Energetic façade renovation
  • Replacement sunshade
Client Chocoladenfabriken Lindt & Sprüngli AG
Pension fund trust
Seestrasse 204
8802 Kilchberg
Architect Mainberger + Spahr dipl. architekten eth
Hohlstrasse 481a
8048 Zürich
Completion date: 30.06.2020
Duration: 8 month