Extra ATTICO® storey on Schwamendingenstrasse in Zurich

Häring Attico was called upon to add an extra storey to an apartment building on Schwamendingenstrasse in Zurich, creating two new one-bedroom loft apartments measuring 54 m² and 57 m². Large open-air terraces were added on both sides of the apartments for the residents to enjoy spending time outdoors in the summer. At the same time as the main work, the owner took the opportunity to repaint the façade and thus blend the extension seamlessly into the existing building. Häring AG performed all the work as the complete contractor.

  • Complete contractor
  • Façade renovation
Client Private
Architect Attico Zürich
Turbinenstrasse 41
8005 Zurich
Area: ca. 111 m²
Completion date: 31.12.2017
Duration: 10 months