Hotel Rovanada Vals

This project used a modular approach to add 14 hotel rooms and a suite to Hotel Rovanada. The rooms were prefabricated in our factory and then put together. As a result, once the main assembly had been completed (in eight hours), all the electrical and building service components quite literally only needed plugging in. The 14 room modules are located on two storeys. Once in place, the façade construction and gable roof could be attached straight away using gang-nail connectors. Fire prevention, soundproofing and earthquake safety standards are intrinsic to the system and processes involved.

  • Prefabricated timber construction
  • Façade cladding
Client Evi & Bruno Berni family
7132 Vals
Architect Kilchmann AG engineers
Area: 350 m2
Completion date: 31.08.2009