Missionsstrasse Basel

A seminar restaurant and an apartment building with twelve flats have been created on Missionsstrasse in Basel using wood construction. Häring produced and assembled the entire wooden structure and the façade of pre-greyed spruce. The wall elements required were all prefabricated in the plant and then set up and installed on the building site. One of the major challenges with this project was the lack of space for manoeuvre at the site, which was in the centre of Basel. There were often only centimetres of clearance when the building components were delivered on a low-loader. The two buildings were completed and handed over to the client in March 2020.

  • Prefabricated timber construction
  • Façade cladding
  • Interior fitting
  • Façade
Client Basler Mission
Missionstrasse 21
4055 Basel
Architect Burckhardt-Partner AG
Dornacherstrasse 210
4002 Basel
Completion date: 31.03.2020