Saldome 1 salt storage facility, Rheinfelden

A landmark in north-western Switzerland... Swiss Saltworks based its decision to select Häring’s Saldome® concept for further development on an international benchmark. The dome is unique in terms of both size and purpose. A pile of salt 28 m high and weighing 80,000 metric tons is stored under a Häring Ensphere wooden dome structure 31 m high and with a diameter of 94 m. The optimised interior provides sufficient clearance to install a belt conveyor gallery that can rotate about its central axis for transferring the easy-flowing salt into the central underground pit. At the same time, salt is loaded into rail and road tankers with a loading capacity of 400 metric tons per hour at the terminal where it is concentrated. The enormous storage volume enables continuous salt production with low-cost summer energy. The concept and size demonstrate impressive simplicity, and the network logic of the geodesic dome is based on the laws of nature. Engineering using the renewable material wood is now recognised throughout the world as an important technology for sustainable development. Wood has excellent static properties and is completely neutral in a corrosive environment. The fact that all the timber for the Saldome® project is provided by around 500 silver firs from the forests around Rheinfelden makes the entire project even more meaningful. Saldome® represents industrial functionality in action and heralds Häring’s move into a new dimension in terms of sustainable visions. Building with wood is a simple, lightweight solution for sports stadia, cultural and industrial buildings, or even support-free roofs with very large spans for landfill sites.

Client Schweizer Rheinsalinen AG (Swiss Saltworks AG)
Rheinstrasse 52
4133 Pratteln
Architect Häring Group
Area: 7000 m2
Completion date: 31.08.2006
Duration: 2 years