Saldome 2 salt storage facility, Rheinfelden

Swiss Saltworks AG orders the same again – only larger! We are extremely proud that, in addition to the planning work that has already been keeping our general planning and project teams busy for a whole year, Swiss Saltworks, which has all 26 Swiss cantons represented on its board of management, has now also selected us for the implementation phase. Saldome 2 is a Häring Ensphere timber shell supporting structure measuring 32 metres high with a diameter of 120 metres. It has the capacity to store 105,000 metric tons of salt.

Client Schweizer Rheinsalinen AG (Swiss Saltworks AG)
Rheinstrasse 52
4133 Pratteln
Architect Häring Group
Area: 11'300 m2
Completion date: 31.05.2012
Duration: 1 year