Structural inspections

Every building is to be checked periodically for his functional ability. Thus a long, lasting and economic use – as well as maximum security can be reached by means of a small budget.

In co-ordinated processes you can consult as an owner or governor of a building as follows by our specialists and avail yourselves:

  • Visual control of the wooden structure and his connections with random check-like investigations as for example humidity measurements, core drillings, etc.
  • Systematic detailed admission of the structure and his connections
  • Static calculation of the taken up structure or on account of available plans
  • Material testings with test labs approved in cooperation
  • Construction of a controlling plan and maintenance plan with periodical examinations
  • Renovation and physical training measures based on previous cost inquiry

You find further information on the subject in the pamphlet Tragwerkskontrollen.pdf

Supporting structure inspections - short explained


Use and advantages

Every building is valuable – Therefore preserved-worth