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Completion of construction work for Rynetel wildlife overpass in Suhr

Construction work for the new wildlife overpass across the A1 motorway in Suhr has been under way since January this year. In the night from 13 to 14 September, our assembly workers completed the last of their fifteen night shifts and managed to finish the bulk of the work. All in all, it took them 15 nights, during which one lane was completely closed off to traffic, to assemble the entire timber construction. After the trusses had first been put in place across the motorway, the complete construction was finally covered in veneered wood panels. There are still a few minor jobs to do over the next few days, such as filling in cavities and nailing down the panels. Once that has been seen to, our timber construction work will be complete. Here are a few impressive figures relating to the project:

  • 640m3 of laminate wood
  • 156 trusses
  • 15 minutes needed to assemble one truss
  • Each truss weighs around 1.6 metric tons
  • 2,150m2 of veneered wood panels
  • 200,000 nails needed to secure the veneered wood panels
  • 22,000 screws needed to screw the secondary supporting structure

All assembly work was performed in smooth, exemplary fashion and will be completed a few days earlier than planned. A huge well done to the entire team for their efforts!