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Wildtierueberfuehrung aus Holz Rynetel Suhr 14 Wildtierueberfuehrung aus Holz Rynetel Suhr 14

Construction start for wildlife overpass in Suhr

In the Rynetel area of the forest between Suhr and Gränichen, the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) is creating a wildlife overpass across the A1 motorway. In simple terms, this is a wide bridge covered in plants that animals such as polecats, stoats, weasels, pine martens, hares, deer and boars will in future be able to use to cross over the motorway. The bridge is substantial, and consists of two wooden trusses each spanning around 17 metres. On top, there is an area around 50 metres in width for the animals to use. The project is being managed as a collaboration between Häring AG and Aarvia Bau AG. We are taking care of the production and assembly of the wooden components.

Preparatory work for the construction began on 13 January 2020. This involved creating the installation areas, access routes, etc. The concrete walls that are later to bear the weight of the construction were also put up. It was possible to start with pre-assembly in mid-August. The precise positions for the steel parts were measured with the help of a surveyor, and these were then put in place. Once all the steel parts were in position on either side of the road, we were able to start putting together the cross-beams in the nights of 24 and 25 August. This involved closing the carriageway towards Zurich completely from 9 p.m. until 4 a.m. The portal for the tunnel entry and exit area was completely prefabricated and hoisted into place by a pneumatic crane once on site. The portal is 18 metres long and 4 metres wide, and weighs about 10 metric tons! At the same time, a second team of workers has positioned and assembled individual 17-metre-long trusses. The construction work will continue until around the end of September.