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Holzbau Chengdu Sichuan Agro Expo China 9 Holzbau Chengdu Sichuan Agro Expo China 9

Delivery for Tianfu Agriculture Expo at Chengdu - Sichuan, China

Shortly before Christmas, 36 tonnes of timber engineered glulam elements for the huge structure at Agro Expo fair buildings in Chengdu (CN) were shipped by air cargo.

"Light fast green" is our strong statement for sustainable applications of timber constructions - worldwide. The "green" is probably heavily scratched with this type of transport, but it allows us as a Swiss company to compete in a tough international market, even using Swiss Wood. The other 1,500 tonnes are shipped by sea freight.

The building complex consists of five huge arched halls with a total ground area of 75,000 m2, with free spans of well over 115 m and supporting timber structure heights of over 40 m.
In addition to the major structural components, the engineering by Häring is also "Made in Switzerland