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Holzbau Chengdu Sichuan Agro Expo China 9 Holzbau Chengdu Sichuan Agro Expo China 9

Exhibition building for Chengdu Sichuan Agricultural Expo in China

We are delighted that Häring has secured the contract to plan and manufacture the timber structure of two buildings for the Sichuan Agricultural Expo in Chengdu. The two permanent buildings cover an area of 169 x99 metres and 115 x 99 metres respectively, and measure over 40 metres in height.

The overall volume amounts to almost 3,100m3. From the European side, we will supply a total of 32 timber trusses, 19 for the first building and 13 for the second, together with 2,300m3 of laminate wood. The secondary structure, spanning 780m3 in total, will be produced directly in Tianjin, China, by Haring Swiss Wood Structures.

Images and illustrations: Haring Swiss Wood Structures (Tianjin) Co. Ltd.