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Holzbau Sanierung Deckenbekleidung Bahnhof Basel SBB 2 Holzbau Sanierung Deckenbekleidung Bahnhof Basel SBB 2

Renovation of listed Basel SBB railway station

Under way since 2016, work to revamp the west wing of Basel SBB railway station is expected to draw to an close in spring 2021. As Basel SBB railway station is situated in a listed building, public officials responsible for historical monument preservation in the canton have been heavily involved in planning the renovation.

In the west wing, the mezzanine level is being removed to reveal the original arch structure. The restyled west wing will thus become an attractive meeting place with lots of light and space. In the hall, Häring is cleaning the existing wooden surface of the ceiling cladding from underneath and, where necessary, repairing it, priming it and applying a layer of paint, either transparent or opaque (colour as agreed with public officials responsible for historical monument preservation, to match the existing colours). With regard to the roof, the surface is being cleaned from above. Missing or damaged wood is being replaced. Ceiling panels that are not removed and reinstalled are to be maintained and repaired on site. Sections have been incorporated into individual ceiling panels of the wooden ceiling for ventilation ducts and building service installations.

Häring secured the contract to renew the historical wall panelling in four areas – the large waiting room, the small waiting room, the brasserie room and the Migros room. The tasks outlined include the following:

  • Taking measurements and maintaining photographic records of the parts to be removed for reinstallation (description and plans, including numbering / location of the removal positions).
  • Removing the wood panels as per drawings with all connecting profiles.
  • Numbering each individual part removed and integrating the removal position into the plans.

The wooden panels, including the substructure, of each area have been placed in interim storage in the interior as agreed with the relevant public officials. Having begun in early June 2020, reassembly operations are currently in full swing, with completion expected around November. All work is being carried out in a historical and listed setting. As the structure is worthy of preservation, it must not be damaged.