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Green City House Basel Green City House Basel

Start of construction at “Green City House” on Basel’s Sperrstrasse

At Sperrstrasse 7 in Basel’s city centre, five new modern apartments are taking shape. The existing building, which dated back to 1883, has been torn down and is now being rebuilt in the resulting gap using sustainable modular timber construction methods. The open-plan loft-like structure makes it possible to divide the apartments into anything from two to five rooms to suit requirements. The materials and surfaces have been carefully chosen to accentuate the interplay between modernity and ecology. All the apartments have already been sold.

The “Green City House” project provides a cutting-edge solution that’s akin to replacing a missing tooth. Unused residential buildings and those in need of renovation are demolished, while gaps are filled with new buildings that offer more space and an incomparable quality of life. Not only that, but the new buildings are also sustainable thanks to their wooden construction system combined with exposed concrete, which cuts CO2 emissions by more than 35 per cent compared to conventional builds. In this way, the “Green City House” project contributes to sustainable urban compaction.